Being a responsible employer means providing an inspiring and safe working environment for the Group’s employees. Fives is developing several areas, simultaneously:
encouraging the expression of Group diversity and all talents, while creating initiatives and tools, offering even safer working conditions.

all talent

2019 was a pivotal year for Fives human resources department. This year allowed us to prepare for the launch of two major plans, shaping the new Group Diversity policy, in correspondence with our CSR policy, and the new Group purpose, Faire aimer l’industrie, targeted at women and young professionals.

A variety of initiatives were implemented in 2019, encouraging and supporting female talent, including negociating partnerships with associations to promote women in industry in both France and the United States, the design of a specific support program for female managers, the development of a survey sent to all Group female employees across all business lines and countries, measuring expectations, offering adaptive solutions, test of a dedicated coaching, and discussions on specific mentoring. The results of these programs will be visible in the mid and long-term.

How can we attract
the employees of the future?

For young professionals, Fives sought to strengthen its mentoring program and commitment towards a mobilization plan ‘La France, une chance. Les entreprises s'engagent’, which has four objectives:
  • - Encourage individuals to discover businesses for getting on the right path and for learning more.
  • - Gain access and define paths for long-term employment, targeting the most vulnerable people;
  • - Support individuals living in the most precarious areas;
  • - Facilitate access to basic products and services for the most deprived populations.

Fives chose to launch these objectives, primarily for priority neighborhoods (QPV). The Group wants to increase the number of mentors involved with these individuals (approximately 40 in 2019).

employee safety

For over 10 years, the Group has successfully reduced the number of lost-time accidents by two-thirds, due to the development of a strong safety culture, focused on anticipating and preventing risks, with the advancement of tools and sharing of best practices.

Service activities (maintenance operations, modernizing facilities, etc.) have increased. Since 2017, the growth has led to a rise in the number of accidents at clients’ sites. In 2019, Fives was saddened to report the death of one of its American employees, following an incident, working at a customer’s site.
Fives has made it a priority to reinforce preventative actions, and to control risks for any work performed at a customer’s site where employees typically work alone. In support of this, the Group’s HSE department is currently developing tools to facilitate risk analysis at third-party sites, where the working environment is more challenging to control.


8427 employees
17 % women in management
65 nationalities
70 % of employees attended a training course during the year
3.39 Lost-time accident frequency rate
0.2 Severity rate


To address a shortage in labor and the non-desirable perception of maintenance professions, Fives has launched the Fives Academy-Maintenance, offering training to meeting the market’s recruitment needs; from lifting equipment to collecting and analyzing data for predictive maintenance.
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Fives Nordon, specializing in industrial pipework projects, welcomed a group of female job seekers, introducing them to the organization and its professions to change their perspective of industry, encouraging them to apply for a job. A project in partnership with Pôle Emploi (the French Job Center).
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Fives Cinetic developed a partnership with Cap Emploi, linking companies with disabled jobseekers; two completed an internship at the subsidiary. Fives Cinetic also welcomed a “Wheelchair Rugby” athlete preparing for the Tokyo Olympic Games.


Digital supporting safety

“Find it/Fix it”: An application dedicated to health & safety, developed by Fives, and installed at the Alouette aluminum plant in Quebec, where the Group has inspected the lifting equipment for several years.
The user-friendly application allows any employee who finds an at-risk situation to take a photo and address the situation immediately or send a repair request by email with the simple tap of a button. These alerts automatically feed indicators and are reviewed on a monthly basis.
In September 2019, the initiative received first prize at the “Occupational Health and Safety Awards” issued by the CNESST (Committee on Workplace Health and Safety, Equality and Standards) in Quebec, for the Innovation category, during the “Partnerships of Excellence” evening organized by the Alouette Aluminum Plant.