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Our business is organized into three major Activities and transversal skills. This allows us to offer effective and sustainable solutions. In 2019, while a decline in orders linked to major projects occurred, we received a record number of orders for equipment, small systems and services.

Martin Duverne
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
In 2019, Fives’ organization was simplified, boosting synergies between different Group entities and offering increasingly comprehensive solutions to manufacturers.
The Group’s businesses is are presented as three major Activities:
  • ‘High Precision Machines for Advanced Manufacturing’, covering skills focused on precision, including the entire machine tool offer;
  • ‘High Performance and Sustainable Technologies for Process Industries’, serving raw material transformation industries;
  • ‘Smart Automation Solutions for E-commerce, Courier, Distribution and Manufacturing’, focused on speed and flow management.
Transversal activities, covering essential skills support these three major activities, escalating the digital development of the Group’s Subsidiaries, as well as their service activities.