more agile

At the end of 2018, Fives chose to modify its governance and management structure to become more agile and to be able to respond rapidly to the complexity of its dynamically changing markets.
The high standard of governance is connected to all of the Group’s business lines, and positively supports Fives’ transformation.

The pillars

of governance at Fives

Customer adaptation
Having become a simplified joint-stock company (SAS) in December 2018, Fives reinforced its governing body:

The Group is still managed by its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Frédéric Sanchez, who relies on a Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Martin Duverne, and is overseen by a Supervisory Committee, including members from outside the Group.

The Chairman and the Deputy Chief Executive Officer are assisted with decision-making by operational bodies, including the Senior Executive Committee. In terms of organization, the latter is supported by an Executive Committee and Local Coordination and Steering Committees.



With members from outside the Group, meetings are held several times during the year, with responsibility for overseeing Fives’ management. The range of experience, skills and personalities makes this a major asset for discussing the challenges, industrial prospects and for assessing the Group’s development.
In 2019, the Supervisory Committee met four times.

Members as of December 31, 2019:

  • Chairman: Philippe Reichstul
  • François Dufresne
  • Dominique Gaillard
  • Pierre Heinrichs (Replaced by Alain Cianchini in January 2020)
  • Heyoung H Lee Bouygues
  • Jean-Georges Malcor
  • Antonio Marcegaglia
  • Laurence Parisot
  • Jean-Dominique Sénard



This management body answers to both the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fives, meeting regularly to define the Group’s crossfunctional priorities and policies. The Senior Executive Committee manages talent and their development, responding to cross-functional operations and organizational questions, making required budgetary decisions. It also manages unforeseen events that may potentially have a material impact on the life of the Group, as well as a crisis or emergencies. Its members are part of the Executive Committee.
In 2019, the Senior Executive Committee met nine times.

  • Frédéric Sanchez, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Martin Duverne, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
  • Denis Mercier, Deputy General Manager of Fives
  • Suresh Abye, Finance Director
  • Raphaël Constantin, Deputy General Manager, President of the High Precision Machines Division
  • Alain Cordonnier, Deputy General Manager, President of the Cement & Minerals Division
  • Guillaume Mehlman, Deputy General Manager, President of the Steel & Glass Division
  • Céline Morcrette, Human Resources Director
  • Luigi Russo, Deputy General Manager, President of the Smart Automation Solutions Division
  • Frédéric Thrum, Deputy General Manager, President of the Energy Division
  • Michelle Shan, Country Director - China



The Executive Committee is primarily in charge of ensuring the implementation of decisions made by the Senior Executive Committee and reviewing the relevance and effectiveness of cross-functional policies based on feedback. It is a place for dialogue, information exchange, and sharing experiences for its members, dedicated to reinforcing the cross-functional influence of the Group's actions. In 2019, the Executive Committee met three times.

Executive Committee members as of 12/31/2019



These geographic-based committees ensure the implementation of cross-functional policies adopted by the Senior Executive Committee, adapt them as necessary to the needs of each country, and encourage synergies between subsidiaries within the same country but belonging to different Divisions.