French leader

of metal 3D printing

Over the course of the industrial revolutions, Fives has developed its technologies to meet the needs of manufacturers for the overall performance of production tools. With 3D printing, the Group offers a process technology that pushes the boundaries of design and manufacturing, providing numerous assets for the industry of the future.

Through AddUp - its joint venture with Michelin - Fives is now the French leader in 3D metal printing. The company offers holistic metal additive manufacturing solutions, to suit every client’s needs, business sector, experience or the volume of parts to be produced.
In 2019, AddUp made its offer even more competitive, acquiring BeAM and Poly-Shape in 2018.
  • The design of metal 3D printing machines with 2 additional technologies (DED and PBF) representing 85% of the market.
  • Series component production, rapid prototyping and post-processing
  • Modular and mobile workshop solutions for machine installation in any environment.
  • Training and consulting services, supporting a customer’s product development, including design optimization of parts through proof-of-concept (POC) and small volumes.
  • Applications: Manufacturing precision parts, part repair, adding functionalities; innovations with a high added value...
AddUp has developed strong alliances with key organizations via joint ventures and partnerships, improving market accessibility:
  • PRINTSKY, dedicated to aeronautics and space (joint venture with the research firm Sogeclair);
  • ADDILYS, dedicated to the tooling industry (joint venture with the technical center IPC);
  • The FAMERGIE platform, dedicated to companies in the energy sector, in partnership with the CEA


Training for higher impact

What are the assets of 3D metal printing? How can we get the most out of it? In 2019, AddUp launched a training offer, creating an appealing and easily accessible 3D metal offer for its targeted audience, engineering.
AddUp Academy Online, an e-learning platform, offers training covering all 3D technologies, with a significant focus on metal. Dassault Systèmes has selected AddUp to create courses dedicated to metal additive manufacturing as part of its new online “Learning Experience” training platform.
In addition to this training, AddUp has created innovative materials to support its clients: A video game “AddUp Adventure” and a serious game “Additive Architect”, allowing several teams to interact on the subject of 3D design.
Finally, to allow visits to its Clermont-Ferrand workshops as well as some client sites, AddUp offers unique and fully immersive tours using virtual reality, providing individuals the ability to explore rarely open facilities.


An alliance of three French companies: AddUp, BeAM and Poly-Shape
Over 380employees
With presence in Europe, the United States, Japan, Canada and Singapore
2 technologies : LBM (laser beam melting) and DED (directed energy deposition)
Workshops located in France in Clermont-Ferrand (63), Strasbourg (67), Salon-de-Provence (13), Saint-Pierre-du-Perray (91), and in Carpi, Italy


AddUp has an industrial mindset. Its engineers have invented a solution to transition into mass production. This innovation is being developed as part of the Aéroprint project with Dassault Aviation.
AddUp has worked with CESI and the start-up Capsa, offering a range of modular and flexible solutions for installing turn-key 3D metal printing workshops in a short time frame; both internally and externally, outside adhering to stringent safety standards.
AddUp and its partner DECAYEUX STI, a specialist in metal transformation and finishing, have created a collection of unique items specifically to illustrate the possibilities offered by metal additive manufacturing in the luxury industry, and to demonstrate their industrial feasibility.