Fives is expanding and reorganizing. The role of human resources is to help management teams transform the organization, while continuing to develop employees' skills and attract new talent. The digitalization of HR tools and processes is a great support.

Céline Morcrette
Human Resources Director

Becoming more attractive

to candidates

In 2019, the Group continued to recruit proactively. Anticipating its use and providing an attractive showcase for talent who wants to join Fives, the Group consolidated its digital ecosystem:
  • consolidating partnerships with job search sites
  • a new LinkedIn strategy
  • and new processes to monitor and animate on-line feedback.


Career management at the heart of Fives' HR strategy

Providing employees with the opportunity to extend their skill set, and benefit from the internal mobility system at Fives, continued to be one of HR’s primary initiatives for 2019. Year after year, the Group tracks an increased number of employees through CEDRE, a career management tool bringing together HR and managers. It evaluates the performance and potential of each employee and determines an action plan, supporting their development within the company. CEDRE engages discussion on the desires and development potential of employees at all Group companies, and improves its ability to develop its employees and their expertise or managerial capabilities, consolidating its talent pool. In 2019, the Group sought to go further, adding career path definition to the system. Progress continued throughout the year, including the definition of associated training courses.


8427 employees
70% of employees attended a training course during the year
950 people recruited in 2019


Fives is adapting its training offer, reflecting changes in its business lines, including additive manufacturing, management, the development of collaborative tools, and predictive maintenance. The Group now offers an effective online training catalog, that is diverse and provides a variety of digital platforms.
In 2019, the subsidiary Fives Nordon recognized 24 employees for their skills and expertise. They have joined the Fives Nordon partner community, aiming to extend each year. This partnership scheme is an excellent means to employee retention and to the transfer of knowledge.
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